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May I introduce myself?

Wido-Jochen Laue

Wido-Jochen Laue

For you personally – Private and Business Coaching!

Hello, my name is Wido and I work with communication: as a business trainer and coach for German as a foreign language I support people from abroad (including executives and academics) to spread their messages with the right words and the right strategy. This helps my clients to really reach their target groups. In addition, your visibility will be positively influenced and you will learn how to use your resources in a motivating way in both business and private life.

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My path to becoming a coach

I have always been interested and attentive to people – i.e. to see people as individuals and to create a social togetherness.

Therefore, I first qualified myself in a social profession (state-certified assistant for nutrition and supply management) before starting my academic career.

After my “Abitur” at the BOS, I began studying economics and medical ethics, then I refined and specialized my knowledge on an international level by completing my studies in business psychology and human resources.

I participated in numerous international projects and worked as a freelance trainer and teacher for a well-known language school.

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I have many years of experience as a trainer and coach in the field of German as a foreign language and motivation.

My passion has always been to help people and to provide human capital. I am familiar with economic processes and I work hand in hand with executives from abroad. In addition, I have extensive experience in the field of coaching with well-known large companies. I expanded my knowledge and experience in many other international companies and I am still working there as a trainer and coach. My goal is to teach German as a foreign language to people with a migration background, but in connection with all our cultural knowledge and the local economy.

Communication is emotion, communication is more than just language, communication helps us to express our thoughts and emotions. In this way, I have already helped many people to successfully improve their living conditions in business as well as in private life, and thus, I could also be a great inspiration for others.

My vocation is to bring you closer to the German language with the greatest dedication in both the business and the private sense, and to teach you the norms and values of the German corporate culture so that you can integrate yourself more easily. In this case, I have a unique selling point – as an adopted son of German parents, I have a broad know-how regarding the question of what it means to have to integrate and I would like to share that with you!

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My services

I am open and motivated towards my clients. I want to show my clients that they can achieve their goals. This happens through active talking, open questions, discussions and getting to know each other. Together we will define a clear goal. In an individual or group training I will teach you effective learning strategies and show you how to motivate yourself in order to be successful in the long run.

At the beginning, you are entitled to a free and non-binding consultation. This should take place as personally as possible, as this is a good opportunity to get to know each other. The first impression is always decisive.

After we have defined the goal and made a decision, we will discuss all organizational processes together, because organization is known to make life much easier. One lesson lasts 45 minutes. Together we will determine how many units are useful for you or your company.

Then we can start. You can arrange fixed or flexible times. Teaching materials must also be defined, as a certain structure is important.

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